The Rehabilitation Day Program (RDP) at Madonna Rehabilitation Hospital is part of Madonna TherapyPlus - Main Campus. Licensed as a hospital-based outpatient program and accredited by CARF, the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities, RDP is another important piece of Madonna's specialty programs. This level of care, not available elsewhere in Nebraska, is designed to assist children and adults with rehabilitation diagnoses such as brain injury, spinal cord injury, stroke and other orthopedic or neurological illnesses/injuries to continue receiving a very intensive, transdisciplinary and coordinated rehabilitation program on an outpatient basis. This intense program assists patients to reach as high a functional level as possible, and to regain the ability to do those things that are important to them. The focus of RDP is on regaining the skills necessary to resume life roles and full participation in what makes life meaningful.

Patients who are appropriate for this level of care include those who:

  • Have a rehabilitation diagnosis with an onset or exacerbation of one year or less
  • Are medically stable and free from communicable disease
  • Require minimal nursing care and are able to live in a non-institutional setting with assistance from family or other caregivers
  • Are able to function safely with intermittent supervision (Individuals who require constant supervision must have a family member who is willing to participate in treatment sessions daily.)
  • Have a condition that warrants a coordinated, interdisciplinary rehabilitation approach involving at least two rehabilitation disciplines (physical, occupational, speech or recreation therapy, rehabilitation nursing and/or neuropsychology)
  • Are physically, cognitively and behaviorally able to tolerate 3-6 hours of activity, 3-5 days per week.
  • Have potential to make significant, measurable functional gains in a reasonable period of time
  • Are motivated, cooperative and willing to participate
  • Have a family member or caregiver who is willing to participate

Madonna's unique use of a transdisciplinary team (several disciplines working on one set of goals); salient feature approach (those things that are crucial for success); holistic involvement of mind, body, and spirit; and integration of the latest technology and research has resulted in outcomes that are as good as or better than national benchmarks.

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