Inpatient Spinal Cord Injury Rehabilitation FAQs

  • How much experience does Madonna Rehabilitation Hospital have treating people like me?

    Last year, Madonna served 258 individuals with spinal cord injury (SCI). Unlike any other rehabilitation setting in Nebraska, we have a dedicated, specialized SCI rehabilitation unit, staff and physician. Cared for by our dedicated SCI rehabilitation team, you will interact daily with other people who have experienced a SCI.

    Madonna experienced therapists are specially trained to treat persons with SCI, including holding specialized certifications in assistive technology. They can help you select the best equipment to ease your return to home, community and life roles.

  • Where do your patients come from?

    Hospitals throughout the Midwest refer patients with SCI to Madonna. Last year, 48% of those admitted traveled from outside Lincoln because of Madonna’s rehabilitation expertise.

  • How much therapy will I have?

    Last year, Madonna’s licensed therapists delivered our spinal-cord-injury patients an average of 3.4 hours of physical, occupational, speech, psychology and/or recreational therapy. As appropriate, you may also receive respiratory and nutrition therapy.

  • How often will I see a doctor?

    You will be seen daily by a physiatrist (a physician who specializes in rehabilitation) and as needed by physicians with other medical specialties such as internal medicine and pulmonology. Your physiatrist, Dr. Paul Krabbenhoft, is board-certified and specializes in caring for persons with SCI. Dr. Krabbenhoft has been responsible for the SCI Program at Madonna for 15 years. He continues to see patients with SCI in his office periodically after their discharge and at the SCI follow-up clinic.

  • I have other medical problems. What happens if I get sick or have a medical emergency?

    Your physician and nursing staff will monitor all of your medical conditions. Madonna has laboratory and radiology services on site, so most tests are available should you need them, with results in less than 24 hours.

    Respiratory Therapy staff members are on site 24 hours per day, seven days per week, and all clinical staff are competent in ventilator management.

    Madonna is a hospital with clinical staff certified in Advanced Life Support on site 24 hours a day, seven days per week. They have the equipment and processes in place to respond to medical emergencies.

    Last year, 17.8% of individuals with SCI transferred from Madonna to acute care hospitals, some of them for planned procedures.

  • How will my family be involved?

    You and your family are the most important people on the rehabilitation team. Family members will be invited to participate in treatment planning and goal setting, family meetings, and education and training sessions. Housing options, support groups and other resources are available.

  • How long will I be at Madonna?

    Individual results vary, but last year the average patient stayed 55 days for tetraplegia and 45 days for paraplegia on the specialized spinal cord injury rehabilitation unit.

  • What kinds of improvements can I expect?

    On average, 67% of inpatients with SCI met their predicted outcomes last year. While individual results vary, at discharge from outpatient, the average individual with SCI needed standby assistance with walking or wheelchair mobility activities and made higher functional gains overall than other hospitals in our region.

  • Will I be able to go home after staying at Madonna?

    Last year, most people were able to return to a community setting after their inpatient rehabilitation stay. More individuals with SCI are able to discharge to a community setting than from other rehabilitation hospitals in the region and nation.

  • What do other people say about their experience at Madonna?

    We are proud to report that 96.8% rated their experience as “Excellent” or “Good.” 94.4% would "definitely" recommend Madonna to family or friends.

  • Is Madonna accredited?

    Madonna is accredited by the Commission on the Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF) as a Spinal Cord System of Care Program for inpatients, outpatients, adults and pediatrics. Every three years, the hospital undergoes a rigorous review of our programs to ensure they meet or exceed very high standards of care for our patients.

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