The Center is dedicated to the development and elaboration of viable, practical models that can support program development and clinical decision making in rehabilitation. Specific aims include creation and refinement of decision support tools and methodologies, incorporating all aspects of the Madonna Model that can be employed in real-time applications to optimize patient outcomes across the continuum of post-acute rehabilitation care.

About the Clinical Informatics Center - Mission
The mission of the Clinical Informatics Center of Excellence is to develop innovative and effective methods for identification, synthesis and communication of treatment-relevant data, in formats and timeframes that provide real-time decision support for rehabilitation treatment planning and service delivery.

The Clinical Informatics Center aims include:

  • Identify significant person variables, environmental characteristics and rehabilitation interventions that are associated with optimal minimization of disability and maximization of participation following illness or injury.

  • Determine useful database designs and methods of integration with decision making tools to provide a strong foundation for evidence-based rehabilitation.

  • Identify and refine clinical treatment-team decision-making processes to maximize the team's ability to consistently produce outcomes that are responsive and satisfactory to all stakeholders

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