Research Institute

The Institute for Rehabilitation Science and Engineering includes four core research Centers of Excellence:

The Institute for Rehabilitation Science and Engineering exists to conduct applied research that identifies best practices in order to improve rehabilitation outcomes so that each person can participate fully in life. The outcomes of this research guide the development of quality programs for individuals experiencing activity and participation restrictions, as well as for individuals seeking to achieve optimal health, growth and development. Emphasizing partnerships of clinicians, researchers, students and individuals served, the Institute embodies a culture of hope and a passionate commitment to life-long learning. The Institute is a premier teaching environment serving people of all abilities and serves as a catalyst for changes in thought and practice at the national level. Research in the Institute for Rehabilitation Science and Engineering bridges health, academic, business, governmental and disability communities to initiate and develop productive collaborations that advance its mission and bring value to its partners.

The Madonna Model serves as a framework for the design and delivery of comprehensive, coordinated rehabilitation. It is also a method to guide the design, conduct and analysis of contextually-based clinical rehabilitation research.

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