Vision: People with all abilities participate and/or compete in as varied activities as the rest of the community. Participants feel comfortable trying new sports and recreation opportunities and exploring new ways of doing previous activities. Madonna's Adaptive Sports & Recreation Program is a leader and resource for other communities.

Benefits: Children and adults with acquired physical disabilities as a result of traumatic injury or illness often are not aware of the availability and benefits of recreation and adaptive sports activities. Just as with able-bodied individuals, participation in recreational activities promotes physical health and wellness by increasing heart and respiration rates, facilitating muscle tone, maintaining optimal weight, and honing agility skills. These activities can also impact social and emotional wellbeing by providing interaction with peers, offering distraction from the stress of daily life, and providing individuals with a sense of personal accomplishment and satisfaction.

Therapeutic: Integration of adaptive sports and recreation activities into rehabilitation provides a unique and fun context for working on specific therapeutic activities and skills such as balance, coordination, advanced gait training, fine motor control, and even cognition (thinking skills) and communication. Madonna Rehabilitation Hospital is one of the only hospitals in the region that offers a structured Adaptive Sports & Recreation Program with multiple opportunities for inpatients, outpatients, and community members to participate in various sports.

Madonna's Adaptive Sports & Recreation Program has three basic areas of focus: Open Recreation, Workshops and Competition.

Open Recreation: Madonna Rehabilitation Hospital offers scheduled, weekly outings for inpatients, outpatients and community members to experience various types of sports and recreational activities. Open recreation outings occur every Monday. Please see our Event Calendar for a complete list of open recreation activities.

Workshops: Madonna offers affordable workshops to the community and its patients on various sports and recreational activities. For more information about workshops and to register, go to the Event Calendar.

Competition: Madonna sponsors two wheelchair sports teams and offers tournaments throughout the year for adaptive sports including tennis, golf and wheelchair basketball.

Equipment Rental

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