Areas of Need

From the very beginning, generosity has built, grown, and made extraordinary rehabilitation possible for every child or adult who comes to Madonna after a life-altering injury or illness.

The Alexis Verzal Children's Rehabilitation Unit

Your gift in this area directly impacts the children who come to Madonna after an accident or illness. The fund supports equipment, capital needs, therapeutic toys and programming for children at Madonna, including inpatient, outpatient, rehabilitation day services and Kit's Academy, an on-site therapeutic learning classroom.

Institute for Rehabilitation Science and Engineering

Your gift to the Institute funds cutting-edge rehabilitation research that creates better outcomes for patients. Current initiatives in the institute include:

  • First Hope: A project that immediately gives a patient arriving at Madonna maximum control over their environment by creating assistive technology packages for their inpatient stay that are affordable and flexible enough to take to their home environment after discharge. This project is in its development stage.

  • First Hope Equipment Fund: Help provide assistive technology for patients returning home from Madonna.

  • Virtual Reality: Virtual reality equipment, gloves and goggles patients wear that allow them to navigate through a virtual, computerized environment, holds great potential for helping patients regain physical function in a safe, virtual environment.

  • Assistive Technology: Madonna's Center for Excellence in Communication is a leader in assistive technology research and clinical therapy.

Adaptive Sports and Recreation

This program provides community adaptive sports and recreation workshops, open recreation times, and tournaments in a variety of sports and leisure activities to children and adults with disabilities. The programming allows individuals the opportunity to participate and compete in as varied activities as the rest of the community; to try new sports and recreation opportunities; and to explore new ways of doing previous activities. An active lifestyle prevents isolation as well as secondary complications of disabilities. Nearly 900 people participate each year.

Education & Nursing Scholarships

With the increase of new technology and innovations in rehabilitative treatment, Madonna is looking to the future educational needs of our staff:

  • It is our belief that investing in our nurses by providing flexible options for nurses to progress from Licensed Practicing Nurse (LPN) to Registered Nurse (RN) to a Bachelor's program and rehabilitation nurse certification will encourage nurses to stay at Madonna, and attract new nurses to our facility. Along that continuum, nurses will also have access to a wide variety of certification options in treatment areas, allowing them to specialize according to their interests and needs.

  • Madonna's commitment to education reaches beyond the nursing staff. We believe that all employees benefit from a stimulating and engaged work environment. We will continue to encourage our staff to set and follow educational goals by providing on-site educational opportunities as well as tuition support for continuing education.

Equipment and New Technologies

New and emerging technologies provide patients therapy opportunities they often can't find elsewhere in the region. Some current equipment needs at Madonna are:

  • An exoskeleton bionic suit that allows individuals with lower extremity paralysis to stand up and walk over ground.
  • A special bike that sends electrical impulses to the arms and legs in order to encourage mass repetition of pedaling in persons with paralysis or other neuromuscular diseases.
  • A brain imaging system that uses light in the same way that a MRI uses magnets to help researchers assess brain function.
  • An electroencephalogram (EEG) headset that patients can wear to improve attention, and in the case of patients with very limited movement, can train their brain to operate a curser on a computer screen, play a computer game or control their environment

Gifts to the Foundation are either restricted or unrestricted. Restricted gifts support programs designated by the donor. Unrestricted gifts are allocated by the Foundation Board of Directors to the hospital’s area of greatest needs, including the critical work of securing funding for those priorities.

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