Occupational Health Services

The corporate hotline serves as an extension of the employer. Service Coordination helps employers manage their claims by helping injured workers navigate through the healthcare system in a timely manner.

Injury Care

  • Access to prompt, top quality medical treatment for injuries
  • Multiple treatment locations and priority treatment for workplace injuries
  • Fit for Work staff follow up on appointment to provide employers with physician documentation on the injury status and related treatment plan

Complete Services

Physical & Occupational Therapy: Our team of trained physical and occupational therapists provide top quality rehabilitation while focusing on core stabilization, postural re-education along with job-specific task simulation and body mechanics training to address the injury and prevent re-injury down the road.

Pre-Employment/Post–Offer Screens: Physical and occupational therapists evaluate if a prospective employee is physically able to safely meet the essential functions required for the position. Tests are specific to the physical demands of that employee’s job.

Functional Job Analysis/Physical Demands Validation: Validations completed on-site by a physical or occupational therapist to measure the actual physical demands needed for a specific job to develop post offer screens and use in job descriptions.

Drug Screens: Madonna Fit for Work offers DOT and Non-DOT drug and alcohol screens for pre-employment screening, accidents, random procedures or for reasonable cause at multiple service locations.

Audiometric Screening Services: Our Certified Occupational Hearing Conservationist can perform pre-employment hearing screens to establish a baseline for comparison with future testing and advise employers on their hearing conservation program.

Functional Capacity Evaluations (FCEs): A standardized test, performed by a physical or occupational therapist that looks at the employee’s overall functional abilities, including, but not limited to, walking, lifting, pulling, pushing, sitting and standing.

Physical Performance Evaluations: Job-specific testing that exclusively evaluates critical job demands. Using an updated job description that has Functional Job Analysis details, the employee is evaluated and his/her capabilities are matched with the demands of the job. This is typically used when an injured employee is potentially ready to return to work.

Independent Medical Reviews (IMEs): An impartial review of an employee’s case by doctors who are not part of their health plan.

Safe work Educational Programs: Conducted at your company and presented by a variety of professionals, depending on the topic. Example topics include back safety, lifting, ergonomics and work station set up.

Work-site Ergonomics: Assessment of a specific work station, performed at the company location by a physical or occupational therapist. During the analysis, the clinician will look at a specific job site assessing environment, body mechanics, set up, ergonomics, injury risk, etc. Recommendations will be provided to the company on how to improve the job site and decrease injury risk.

Structured Independence: The Madonna ProActive Structured Independence Exercise Program allows Madonna TherapyPlus patients the opportunity to continue their rehabilitation exercises in a structured setting after discharge from outpatient therapy services at no additional charge. In addition, you will participate in a study which examines how continuing exercise after therapy helps you to keep doing the things you want to do.

At the completion of your therapy program from Madonna TherapyPlus, your therapist will set up a continued exercise plan for you. You will need to check in at the front desk to complete paperwork, and receive your 30-day exercise pass, at no extra charge to you.

Participants will be able to complete their exercise program in a structured environment at Madonna ProActive. Therapists and trainers are available to assist as needed.

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